Safety and Security

  Safety and Security  
Safety & Security Committee
April 3rd   Meeting Agenda & Minutes
Security Team : Tony Setzer
  • Review of Easter Week Services ( Best Practices, Problems, New Ideas)
Good discussion on lessons learned: fire safety in historic church, traffic safety for services at historic church, Lenten Season long hours and how to increase SST potential for future services. Discussion about Sunday’s 10AM Service incident.   
  • Recruitment of younger members and women to teams ( need people to monitor cameras and start training to join teams)
Team members were ask to start an aggressive recruitment campaign for new members. We need the 18-40 year old members involved. There was some confusion over CCW requirements. A CCW is not required to be a SST member. New role will be opening up with camera installation.
  • Additional Radio’s for use by non- duty members
We have enough radios on hand so that all off duty team members can have one to use in the sanctuary during services.
  • Installation date for narthex door push bars?
Work scheduled to start on 4-20-18 however condition of doors were questioned and we need trustee’s to look at repair or replacing before we install the new hardware. If doors have to be replaced then we may install the hardware for narthex doors on another door. Tommy Overton has the lead for the SST.
  • Camera system installation date?
Work is scheduled for 4-26 & 27. This will include cable pulling and connections. Jody will oversee the installation for SST.
  • Update on Lighting (parking lot and building mounted)
Duke is scheduled to replace 2 lights before 5-1. Trustees have quote in hand to repair all external building lighting. This will require congregational vote due to cost. Once funds are approved work will begin.
  • Welcome Lisa Drum to Security Team #3
Medical Team:           Jason Stowe
  • Update on Medical Procedure
  • Update on recruitment?  Kim Jones MA?
  • Update on equipment needed and cost?
  • What can we get donated?      I have auto BP machine to donate
Medical was not discussed. No medical member at the meeting
Child Safety:               Lisa Black
  • Final Review of procedure for Approval. Please read before meeting, we will not review in detail.
Procedure is ready for approval and Kevin will take the lead in getting the procedure signed. We will take the lead in ensuring all adults working with youth get a copy of this procedure.
  • Lightness to Dark Training….. Who needs this from SST?....... Date?
It was decided that this is mandatory training for all SST members. Lisa will set up training on the May 22 SST training session with a makeup on June 12. This is about 2 hours long. Mark these dates on your calendar now.
Emergency Action:                Tommy Overton
  • Procedure Ready for Final Approval. Please review before the meeting, we will not review in detail.
The procedure is ready for approval. Kevin will take the lead in getting the approval signatures.
  • Maps & Map Holders on site
Evacuation Maps have been installed throughout the entire facility. Evacuation route signs have been installed.
  • Additional Signage on site
Signage has been installed with the exception of 2 or 3 fire extinguisher signs. These signs are on order and will be installed when they arrive.
  • New Emergency alarm system parts on site to be installed with cameras (date?)
The new emergency alarm system will be installed along with the camera system on 4-26, 27.
Fire Safety                  Terry Scronce
  • When do we start PM program on extinguishers.
Terry has already started a monthly PM program for extinguishers. Fire Marshall just completed a review and found 4 things wrong. These have already been corrected.
  • No smoke detectors in facility. What is our plan?
Discussion was held on this and it was decided that Terry will make the final decision on whether we need them or not. Fire Marshall did not address this as an issue.
  • New extinguisher need to be installed in upper Sunday school wing & historic church
New extinguisher installed in kitchen of family life center and 2 smaller extinguishers were removed and sent to historic church. New extinguisher installed in upper SS wing.
  • Update on lowering existing extinguishers throughout facility
All extinguishers have been lowered to proper height and new signs installed except for the extinguishers in the sanctuary.
  • Update on procedure
No update on procedure at this meeting
  • Key entry for fire dept. Do we know if they have access at this time?
No key entry provided for fire dept. at this time but we have decided to wait until we key all outside doors with a single key.
Training                      Jody Laffon
  • Update on training procedure
Training procedure is in process
  • Who needs training on what (child safety, CCW, hands on)?  Who is behind in existing training?
All of SST needs Child safety training and this will be mandatory training. Several members are behind in other training and need to catch up this month. See Jody if you’re not sure of what you need. Firing Range training will begin in May or June. If you want CCW training we can assist you in finding a local class.
  • Training plan for new people
Working on this, but basic training has already been established.
  • Upcoming training scenario’s for April and May
Jody wanted to keep these as a surprise but April will be a hands on scenario with May 22 scheduled for Child Safety Training.
  • What would team like to see for additional training?
Range Training with instructor wanted
  • Training for new camera system and alarm system
Soon as the system is installed we will begin training.
Financial and Council                                    Kevin Black
  • Payment for out of pocket expenses(comments or concerns)
Copies of invoices for payment by the church should be sent to Kevin Hunt but a copy needs to be sent to Kevin Black for our book keeping. This enables him to account for monies approved by the council.
  • Invoices and payments needed for record keeping
Any money donations or purchased donations should be sent to Kevin for record keeping
  • Council ideas and feedback about ministry
Only positive feedback from the council on our ministry
New Business                         ALL
  • Update from trustee’s on repair list( lots of work complete)
Most of the trustee repair list is complete or in the works for completion soon. We will ask our law enforcement partners to do an assessment in the next few months.
  • How to visually identify  security team members to first responders
Good discussion on this subject with several ideas and we pretty much decided on a lapel pin. Kevin will do more research on type and design of pin. Maybe St. Michael?
  • Temple talk segments for congregation, Article for May newsletter
Tommy Overton did such a great job he have volunteered him as our temple talk spokesperson.
The May temple talk and newsletter will talk about our new camera and alarm system.
  • New fire and emergency alarm demonstration for congregation
Part of the May temple talk
  • Fire escape ladders for old church good or bad idea?
Decided this was a good idea and Terry needs to purchase 2 ladders before the May 27 Service
  • Future camera to overlook most of graveyard
Jody will take one of the existing zoom cameras and install for viewing historic church and most of graveyard. This will be part of the original installation.
  • Business from the floor
The door between the family life center and the Sunday school wing continues to be left unlocked. Anyone who rents the family life center has access to the entire facility. Church members need to be made aware of this problem.
Mommies and munchkins continue to use our family life center without a church member present. Kevin will bring this up at council meeting about by-law requirements for family life center and what to do about groups who use the facility without member sponsor.
Discussion was held about Sheepdog Security and becoming individual members. A lot of good info and training from this organization.   Jody and Tommy O are members.
Some discussion was held about active shooter event happening in Calif.

Safety & Security Committee

March 7, 2018 Meeting Minutes
No formal Meeting was held as the entire meeting time was used as Training. However, I have tried by committee to provide an update for the next business meeting.
Security Team Update:
  • Camera System has arrived; cable pulling and installation will begin after the Lenten Season. Team leaders will need training on system operation.
  • Some outside lights have been updated with LED bulbs.
  • Parking lot lights are in process of being changed to bright white flood lights by Duke Energy.
  • If you have any type security or safety problem while you are on duty, please record in the office security log so that all other teams know of the problem.
  • Couple of new additions to the sex offender list, please review before going on shift.
  • Lock on Family Life Center inside door has been reversed. Use caution when on patrol or you will get locked into the family life center. Be sure this door is locked when services are over.
  • Door to hand bell room has been found open several times after church. Please check this at the end of your shift.
  • The new Church Directory may have the potential for Identity theft. If you see any just lying around then pick up and return to security office. Ushers/ Deacons should not pass these out to non-members.
  • Law Enforcement partners on campus recently. Good feedback from congregation and we hope they make more of a presence on site, especially on Easter.
Medical Team Update:
  • New stethoscope has been donated to the ministry for Medical Team
  • Blue trauma bag zipper has been fixed and bag is in sound room in narthex area.
  • AED cabinet in narthex says alarm will sound if opened but no alarm is installed.
  • Medical Qualified person is needed for team 3.
 Child Safety Update:
  • Child Safety Procedure is in Final Draft waiting for Approval.
  • Light to Dark Child Safety training is scheduled for March 17th. If you can attend, please do so. We will schedule a 2nd makeup class in the future.
Emergency Action:
  • Additional signage has been received and is in the process of being installed.
  • Emergency action procedure is in final draft, ready for approval: evacuation maps and   appendix’s ready for the Safety and Security Manual.
  • Exit Sign in Sunday school wing lower level has been moved so that it can be seen down the hall.
  • Evacuation Map Holders have been received and in process of being installed with maps.
Fire Safety Update:
  • Wiring will be pulled along with camera wiring for a new 12v alarm system to be activated in the SST office. 3 sirens with flashing lights and a pull switch have been ordered for installation. One siren will be installed in sanctuary and the other two will be installed in the SS building.
  • Fire Doors have been marked with new signage. Ensure they stay closed. Auto closure still needed on door to stairwell in SS wing.
  • New fire extinguisher in upper level SS wing has been installed.
  • Egress ladders for Historic church 2nd floor evacuation are needed in the future. Will need at least 2 ladders. They can be purchased locally from Lowes or Home Depot for less than $50.00
  • Fire extinguishers are being lowered to correct heights and signs are ordered for them.
Training Update:
  • Lost child search training was latest scenario that we practiced, all teams were excellent in locating the search criteria. A good group discussion followed the training.
  • Next Hands on training will be on Wednesday March 21st immediately after the Lenten Service. The scenario will be armed intruder on campus with full lock down drill.  
  • We have decided to use one of our 2 meetings each month for hands on training scenarios. Jody will work up a different scenario each month.
  • Warm weather & longer days mean range time coming soon.
  • New procedures are coming out (child safety, evacuation plan, fire protection, etc.) so be sure you read each one and let Jody know so he can record you on the training log. These procedures are mandatory training for SST members.
Financial & Council Update:
  • If you have donated anything of value or purchased any item out of your pocket then please send info to Kevin so he can include in our end of year report. If you have major cost that was paid for out of pocket and you want to be reimbursed, please forward your invoice to Kevin for payment.
  • Scott Bowman is the SST trustee. Scott and Lanny are working on completing our repair list.
Miscellaneous Business:
  • Still in need of volunteers for a fourth Security team. Talk with fellow members: some folks just have to be asked to volunteer. Also need some more medical volunteers. Article placed in April Newsletter for recruitment.
  • Two separate services are scheduled for the historic church at the end of the month. This will take an all-out effort by us to cover all these services. Easter Sunday presents a unique problem with Sunrise Service at the historic church followed by breakfast at the family life center and then Easter Service at the main church. Make sure you get all your needed gear and security vest from the office before going to the historic church. We also need to be on location 30 minutes before the service to set up parking. We will be short several people with some cooking the breakfast.
  • Be on the look-out for non-controlled flammables located throughout the campus. They should only be stored in an approved cabinet. Jody is looking into moving the flammable material storage cabinet to a new location outside the main facility.
  • Anyone needing CCW class can let Tony know and he will get you dates on classes with Rick Lynn of Lincolnton. He has conducted training for many of our congregation and his classes are really good.
  • Time Change is this Saturday night….Be sure to set your clocks.
13 Meeting Minutes  Safety & Security Committee 
Medical Team Update:
  • Blue EMT Trauma Kit found in Family Life Center. Need to fix zipper on bag and Jason needs to inventory.
  • Small Home type First Aid Kit located in Narthex
  • AED Cabinet has been installed in Narthex with Blood Pressure Cuff & Stethoscope
  • 2nd AED needed in Family Life Center and First Aid Kit, need quotes
Security Team Update:
  • Procedure ready for approval by Pastor and Council President
  • Training Signoffs & CCW copies still need to be completed by a few team members
  • Council needs to review Church by-laws to include Safety & Security Ministry
Child Safety:
  • Lisa has sent out the draft procedure for comments: please try a get those back to her ASAP.
  • Scheduling of Child Safety Training for teachers & youth directors is being scheduled for after Lenten Season
  • A separate procedure will be written to address child kidnapping and domestic violence at the church
Emergency Action:
  • New signs have been installed but they were not enough to cover all areas. Additional signs have been ordered and will be installed next month
  • Moving of the exit sign in lower level of Sunday school wing has been turned over to trustee’s
  • Tommy has developed new evacuation maps and holders have been ordered. We will start installing these very soon.
 Fire Safety
  • Fire Extinguisher review is contracted on a yearly basis. SST will do a quarterly review of extinguishers. Extinguisher in choir area is empty, trustee’s to look at this
  • New Extinguisher has been purchased for upper level of Sunday school wing. Needs to be installed
  • Terry to look at installation of alarm system for fire and emergency. Activated in SST office. We also need to look into smoke detectors.
  • New signs are needed for extinguishers and we will order soon. Trustee’s will relocate all extinguisher that are mounted to high off the floor.
  • Historic Church only has 1 small extinguisher. Terry to look at additional. 
  • Historic Church does not have escape egress for upstairs. SST will look at egress roll out ladders for upper windows
Security Camera System
  • Council has approved the expense and estimated start date, about 3 weeks away. Jody will order equipment Wednesday. Monitor has already been purchased
  • We will modify where we install some cameras based on council discussion.
  • Doorbell type camera system will be installed on Fellowship Hall upper door. This is a minor expense and we want have to split our system. Doorbell Camera has been donated and if it can be modified to connect to our wiring the only expense will be a small monitor. This camera is motion activated, with audio and video so that the office can see and talk with the person at the door.
  • A sign will be installed directing visitors to this door.
 Narthex Door Push Bars
  • Narthex door push bars have been ordered and upon arrival they will be installed
 Training Program
  • If you have not been signed off on training see Jody and get signed off on the list
  • Copies of CCW need to be turned into Jody ASAP. These go in your training record and will also serve as your background check
  • We have some new props for training: fake knives and air soft guns. We will be doing live fire training with these guns in the future and yes, we have safety gear. This is what the police use in their training. We will be conducting a lock down drill with the choir after one of the Lenten services.
Trustee Work List
  • We are starting to develop a great working relationship with the trustee’s and they are beginning to work on solving the concerns we have identified.
  • Lanny told us that we can replace all the old lights on the back of the church with new LED’s for just a few dollars more than the replacement bulbs. He will take charge of getting this done. The electrical bill savings will more than offset the cost of lights.
  • Cutting of scrubs and tree limbs will be addressed as part of the Brotherhood workday.
  • The 2 High Pressure Sodium Lights in the upper parking lot will be replaced with bright white LED floods. This change out is scheduled for completion on 3-5-18.
  • New signs have been ordered for the playground and picnic shelter and SST will install next month.
Sanctuary Training Scenario
  • This was a walkthrough of the same scenario as the last meeting using the new props. We went over step by step of everything we did wrong in the first training session. We are now beginning to mesh together as a smooth operating team knowing exactly what all team members are going to do when responding. We also went through the different aspects of when and how to use the proper force needed to disarm our disruptive person and when deadly force is justified and when it is not.
  • We looked at what to do with the pastor and the congregation while this scenario develops and how to verbally move people.
  • We went through the steps of how to do a lock down, how to inform the congregation and how to protect them from an active shooter on the outside the church. We will practice this in a live fire scenario using the choir as congregational reaction representative. Sometime after a Lenten Services.
Jan. 30th SST Meeting Minutes
Attending: Tony Setzer, Kevin Black, Lisa Black, Tommy Mitchem, Ken Kiser, Pastor Sain, Jody Laffon, Terry Scronce, Eric Sims, Tommy Overton
  1. Update on Medical Team                 Jason Stowe
  1. Equipment needed and Cost for Council recommendation
  2. Medical Team Procedure Update
  3. We have new signs for kitchens or other area first aid boxes
No major discussion was held on medical. Everyone agreed that our medical supplies are in sad condition and we don’t have enough supplies to handle a major trauma emergency. We are waiting on Jason’s review and recommendations on what equipment we need. We have 2 new signs for marking of first aid kits. Tony will look into purchasing a mounting box for our only AED.
  1. Update on Security Team                 Tony Setzer
  1. Security Incident Log Book
  2. New Black Security Vest
  3. Use of Force Policy
  4. Final Review of Procedure    
  5. Bomb Threat Forms
New log book located in office to record minor and major Incident’s. Our new “Use of Force” policy was discussed as part of the procedure review. Procedure was reviewed and discussed in detail and final draft will go to council for approval. Kevin will take procedure to council for approval after review by law experts. Medical, Fire & Emergency Evacuation Procedures should tie in to this procedure when SST Duty Team is required to perform some action on patrol.
  1. Child Safety Update                          Lisa Black
    1. Update on procedure comments
Lisa provided an update on this program and lots of discussion on this subject. Lisa will be coming out soon with a new draft procedure for review. Training for Sunday School teachers and youth overnight chaperones will be scheduled. It was suggested that the SST should also attend this 2 hour training. Domestic Violence was also discussed and Lisa will provide us a procedure on how we will deal with this subject in the future. Discussion proceeded on how we would deal with restraining orders.
  1. Emergency Action Plan Update       Tommy Overton
    1. Ideas on all Areas covered under procedure
    2. Area’s to install evacuation route, and muster point signs ( we have signs)
    3. Are all exits covered with EXIT signage
Tommy provided us an update on this program and he has already conducted a walk thru for routes, doors, signs. Terry and Tommy will merge parts of the Emergency and Fire programs together. Tony to order evacution signs with arrows.
  1. Fire Safety Plan                                  Terry Scronce
    1. Equipment needed and Signage needed
    2. Alarm system “What Kind”
    3. Fire evacuation Plans     “May already have these”
    4. Procedure
    5. Signage for fire doors    FIRE DOOR MUST REMAINED CLOSED
Terry provided us with lots of discussion on what the program should contain and how we will conduct fire safety reviews. Fire Doors are being left open, so we will remove the props and place signage on the doors that they remain closed. We discussed closing all Sunday School Room and other room doors, to prevent the spread of Fire. Trustee’s already notified to lower fire extinguishers and Terry will let us know what signage we need to purchase. Fire muster area will be the picnic shelter. Tony will order signs for fire doors.
  1. Security Cameras Update                  Jody Laffon
  1. Recommendation ready for council   
  2. Ready to install upon approval
Jody provided us a review of the quotes and discussion on the final bid we will recommend to the council. We will basically purchase all the equipment and Service Hubb of Lincolnton will do all the cable pulling and installation. Upon council approval, we will start the purchasing and installation process. Final bid for this project is less than $4500.00. Kevin will put this on the agenda for next council meeting for funding. 
  1. Misc. Business
    • Keys                                    (Terry and Denise needs key to office)
Tommy provided us with keys for the SST office, the fellowship Hall and Sunday School wing doors and the Sanctuary doors. If you need keys they will be in the key locker in the office.
  • Trustee work list update   ( Dusty has new item to add)
No Trustees were in attendance but we did discuss Dusty’s latest observation and that will be added to their repair list.
  • Training Program Signoffs needed
All training has a Training Signoff sheet. If you have completed your training then let Jody know so he can sign you off. All SST members need to provide Jody a copy of your CCW permit if you are qualified to carry. This will also serve as evidence that you have had a background check. This is a procedure and legal requirement. Medical Personnel assigned to SST teams do not need to attend all the training that other SST members need.
  • Update on Narthex Doors….Recommendation for council          Tommy O.
    • Security budget or maintenance budget discussion? 
Tommy provided us an update on the Narthex Door. Materials are being ordered and Tommy will oversee the installation.  Kevin will approach council about paying for door upgrades from the maintenance budget instead of the Security budget. This will give us more funds for Medical and Fire Equipment.
  • March Newsletter article  What, Who
Tony will write an article for the March newsletter. Topic is still being discussed
  • Locking Church Buildings after services and events ( SST Responsibility)
SST Duty Team will be responsibility for locking and securing the facility after each service or event
  1. Sanctuary Training Scenario                        Tony Setzer
    • Hands on training based on video’s
The training scenario objective was to practice how off duty SST members would handle a disruptive person in the middle of a worship service. The scenario was played out in accordance with the new “Use of Force Policy”. It included going from a soft hands approach for removal to deadly force in minutes.  Scenario included how to move people from pews and surround a person so that actions can be taken. Future hands on training will play off of this scenario and we will practice these actions until we work as one team. I hope to provide toy guns and noise makers for future training to make this more realistic.  

Safety and Security Committee

Thirty percent (30%) of all churches have experienced a threat or other emergency in the past several years. We have been lucky at Old St. Paul’s but today’s churches must be prepared for a variety of threats and emergencies such as fire, tornadoes, theft, demonstrations, disruptive intruders, active shooters  and other potential safety problems.
We are starting to address these emergencies with the establishment of a new Safety and Security Committee.  The committee will develop a Safety and Security Plan for Old St. Paul’s, establish security teams, evaluate the buildings and grounds for needed safety and security upgrades, work with local law enforcement and emergency personnel, and train the church membership on roles and responsibilities of the congregation.
Members of the congregation who would like to be part of the committee or join a security team can contact Kevin Black. We are especially looking for people with medical, law enforcement, military, EMT, fire, concealed carry and other emergency skills to join the teams or at least make your skills known to the Safety & Security Committee.
A Security Team will be in place for the following Church Services and events during the month of December.
Dec. 3              10 AM Worship Service
Dec. 10            10 AM Worship Service
Dec. 17            10 AM Worship Service                      Evening Dinner Theater   
Dec. 24            9 AM Worship ………12 Noon   Blue Grass Service…………. 9:30 Candle Light Service   
Dec. 31            10 AM Worship Service
The Committee will continue to update the congregation on a regular basis as the program continues to be developed. Our goal is to make every man, woman and child in the congregation feel safe and secure while worshipping our Lord at Old St. Paul’s.

Safety and Security Committee Monthly Update

Our church has fire doors installed in various locations to prevent the spread of a fire. These doors must remain closed at all times and most have automatic closures to ensure the doors remain closed. The Safety and Security Team checks these doors as part of their duty patrols and continues to find these doors propped open. Please do not prop open fire doors and leave unattended.  Sunday School Teachers should close classroom doors upon exiting the room at the end of Sunday school. “Closed doors prevent the spread of fire.”
If the church is occupied for any service, event or meeting and a fire transpires: then, Church members and visitors should evacuate the building via the closest fire exit and gather at the picnic shelter. Call 911. More information will follow in the next few months on Fire & Emergency Procedures. Look for new signs going up around the facility showing fire doors, and emergency evacuation routes.
The Safety and Security Ministry is all in inclusive safety program that is intended to provide a safe and secure environment for our congregation. The Ministry is broken-down into sub areas with a committee owner assigned to each area.  Any questions, concerns or comments should be address to the Sub- Area Owner or the Ministry Coordinators.
Ministry Coordinators:                        Kevin Black & Tony Setzer
Security Teams:                                  Tony Setzer
Medical Teams:                                  Jason Stowe
Child Safety Program:                         Lisa Black (Single point of contact for children & domestic)
Fire Protection Program:                    Terry Scronce
Emergency Action Program:              Tommy Overton
Training Coordinator:                         Jody Laffon
Financial & Council Coordinator:       Kevin Black
Spiritual Council:                                 Pastor Sain
The Safety and Security Committee is always looking for volunteers to join and actively participate in this exciting and dedicated ministry. If you would like to join or learn more about this ministry, then contact any of the above members.
Smile, Camera’s coming soon. The Committee will be installing 14 cameras located throughout the buildings and the campus. The cameras are motion activated and will record all activity on our site, day and night. The Security Team will also use these cameras to monitor the entire facility while you are at worship or other site event. 
Qualified Medical personnel have joined the Safety & Security Team (SST). We have added a Qualified Medical person to each SST to ensure a medical qualified person is on site at all worship services and events. If you are medically qualified and have not yet volunteered to provide backup service, when needed, please let Jason Stowe know you contact information.
Jan. 16 SST Meeting Minutes
Attending Tony Setzer, Kevin Black, Lisa Black, Tommy Mitchem, Jody Laffon, Chase Laffon,Tommy Overton, Jeff Jones, Christy Stowe, Jason Stowe, Darlene Richards, Pastor Sain, Ken Kiser, Lt. John Helton, Chief Don Brown II, Sgt. MD Hopkins, Capt. Travis Cline
  • Additional of Medical Personnel to SST & Emergency Medical Plan
It was decided to add Medical Qualified personnel to each SST team. Jason Stowe will join team #1, Christy Stowe will join team #2 and Darlene Richards will join team #3.
Jason Stowe will be the Program Owner for the Ministry Medical Plan. The medical personnel will assess our medical needs and provide a list of equipment for purchase.
  • Team Coverage for up-coming services and events
We will provide coverage for the Poor Man’s Supper and Team #1 will be on duty.
We have 19 separate services in Feb. and March to cover and we decided that the Team on duty for Sunday Worship will have Wednesday Worship also.  I’ll send out a schedule soon that will run for 3 months.
  • SST Training Program
Jody Laffon has assumed the role of Program Leader for Training.
The first training video has been sent out for your review and Jody will have a sign off sheet soon for this training. As different programs are developed he will provide additional training as reading, video, classroom and hands on. All our training will have to be documented for liability purposes.
  • Update on Equipment and Activities
Camera quotes are in and we have elected to provide our on equipment with Service Hubb pulling all cable and connecting cameras. Based on equipment prices and the quote we have on cable pulling, we should be able to get all the cameras installed and ready for about $4000.00 or less. Jody will submit a final recommendation to council for approval. Jody will check with several local business for equipment pricing.
Tommy gave us an update on doors and it appears the Narthex door will cost about $2200.00 to install the panic bars. This is something we need to discuss with council about funding through maintenance budget for all wood door updates.
We discussed reversing the door next to the organ so that it swings outward. Open for future meetings
Lighting issues are still being reviewed and updated. We need the Duke Power Account number to upgrade the parking lot lighting. Open Issue
The Trustee Repair List was not discussed, but we need an update soon. Open Issue
Some new signage is in and we will get those to the right team members for installation.
We discussed a new Emergency Audible system for the buildings. Several options were recommended and we will discuss at future meetings. Open Issue
Child Safety Plan
Lisa Black has assumed the role as owner of this program and role of SOPC for child and domestic abuse for the church.  Copies of the existing program procedure were passed out for reviews and comments. Send all comments to Lisa.
Background checks as described in the procedure will be required for children and youth teachers and advisors.
Emergency Action Plan
Tommy Overton has volunteered to assume ownership of this portion of the program.
Fire Safety Plan
The program needed an owner and the committee overwhelming selected Terry Sconce as Program owner based on his Fire Fighting expertise. So Terry you are the man.
Safety and Security Manual
We still need someone to step up and assume ownership of this. Basically entails taking all the other programs that are being developed and putting them in an Old St. Paul’s Safety and Security Manual. Volunteer needed.
Other Business
A discussion of Sex offenders within 1 mile of the Church was held. A listing from the Sex Offender Registry is in the Security Office. Please review the listing.
Kevin will get every team member a key to the Fellowship Hall and Sunday School Wing. He will also provide necessary keys needed for our key box in the office.
Meetings in Feb. and March will be after the Wednesday night Services. We will try to keep them as short as possible. Future meetings may have some training sessions as part of the meeting so please try to attend if at all possible.
We decided that we still need to meet every 2 weeks to accomplish our goals.
Next Meeting will be Jan. 30 at 6:30PM.
Open discussion with all the reps from the Sherriff’s Department and the Newton Police gave us some good ideas, hope for great co-operation and some great new partners in this ministry.  We will be using their expertise to assess our program and equipment. We look forward to having them at every meeting.


Old St. Paul’s ELCA

Safety & Security Ministry


Security Team Description & Responsibilities              Revision 0


1.0              Purpose

The Security Team purpose is to ensure the Church provides a safe and secure environment for children and adults attending worship services and events at Old St. Paul’s ELCA. Other areas of the Safety and Security Ministry are addressed in procedures for Safety, Child Protection, Medical and Fire Protection.


2.0              Team Description

The Security Team stands watch during worship services and other events to ensure the safest possible environment is maintained. This watch consists of outside and inside surveillance and patrols by the team on duty. The on-duty team is the primary responder to any disruption, incident or event. Disruption and Incidents are confronted and addressed in an effective manner that minimizes chaos or harm to a church member or property. Security Team Members are required to assist Medical Team members as required or requested.

Off duty team members attending a service or event are expected to respond to any disruption, incident or emergency.

Security Team Members are required to be member of the Old St. Paul’s ELCA congregation and are dedicated to the Safety and Security Ministry. Most team members have prior military, law or security experience or have concealed carry weapon license. Most members have passed some sort of background check based on prior experiences. All team members understand that this is a dedicated ministry and congregational safety and security depends on them.


3.0              Time Commitment

A Security Team is on duty during any Worship Service, to include Sunday School, as well as during special events, as needed. Some services or events may require more than one team on duty (i.e. Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve). Teams are placed on a rotational schedule except for special services or events.

In addition to serving on a rotational schedule, members are required to attend periodic training classes and scheduled meetings.


4.0              Specific Duties and Responsibilities


·         Wear and equip one’s self with proper security equipment when on duty

a.       Lanyard with whistle attached

b.      Pepper Spray

c.       Handcuffs

d.      Two way Radio

e.       Flashlight, as needed

f.       Security Vest if directing traffic, or high visibility required

g.      Concealed Carry Weapon, if licensed


·         Maintain a watchful eye while making rounds, ensuring assigned area is properly patrolled and monitored.

a.       Close all doors in unoccupied spaces

b.      Close all Fire Doors

c.       Check for unauthorized persons and unattended children

d.      Check for building system leakage and smoke

e.       Review the sex offender listing in security office and watch for these people on church property

f.       Check for unauthorized persons loitering in the parking lots and graveyard

g.      Address all security concerns outside of the main buildings if at all possible. Lock down the facility. Request assistance as needed.

h.      Evaluate all non-members in accordance with Appendix A

i.        Log any security incident in the Security Log Book

j.        Notify congregation of any emergency by whistle or horn

k.      Direct congregation to safe areas in emergency situations

l.        Log any safety concern on the security office white board

m.    Interact with first responders and identify one’s self as “Security”

n.      Do not communicate with media

o.      Close and lock all facilities after each service or event


·         Stay in walkie-talkie communication with other team members especially if security concerns are detected.  Request assistance as needed. Call 911 as needed. All team members, whether on or off duty are required to respond to disruptive persons and active shooter situations.  Appendix B describes Old St. Paul’s ELCA “Use of Force Policy”.


·         Assist in medical emergency as requested by the medical team member.



·         Manage traffic and parking at events and services held in the historic church.



5.0              Training


·         Each Security Team Volunteer shall complete training in accordance with the Safety & Security training procedure.


·         All training shall be documented as required by the training procedure. Team members who seek additional training outside the scope of the training procedure may also have this documented in their training record.



6.0              Reporting Relationship


·         Security team members shall report directly to the team leader on duty. In the absence of a team leader, the Security Coordinator, or other team leader shall be contacted.


7.0              Appendix A


·         Appendix A describes how to conduct a reasonable evaluation of the potential for harm by an individual. The appendix describes the use of reasonable judgment to look at emotions, behavior and clothing of an individual to assess the risk of harm to membership or property.



8.0              Appendix B


·         Appendix B describes how security team members are justified in the use of force in situations where force is objectively necessary. Team members whose actions are consistent with the law and the provisions of this policy will be strongly supported by Old St. Paul’s ELCA.



Appendix A


Assessment: A Reasonable Evaluation of the Potential for Harm


1.0              While you are observing a person or situation, you should be mentally assessing what you see. Is everything normal? Is there something that bothers you? Is there a potential for danger?

If danger is obvious you may be quickly deciding the degree of danger based on what you see, on what someone has said or how someone is acting.


2.0              The presence of the following behaviors and appearance do not necessarily indicate that someone is going to do harm.


·         Look for indicators of unusual emotion

1                    Anger or Rage

2                    Crying

3                    Unusual laughter or hilarity

4                    Nervousness, furtiveness or evasiveness

5                    Fear or panic

6                    Out of control or wild-eyed

7                    Absence of any emotion

8                    Forward looking stare


·         Look for unusual behavior

1                    Standing or sitting in vehicle for extended time

2                    Taking unidentifiable items from vehicle

3                    Walking up to a door and looking around like a lookout

4                    Running up to a door

5                    Person dropped off but auto remains idling

6                    Someone walking in with members but they don’t seem to know them

7                    Two or more non-members entering together but going in different directions

8                    Someone obviously trying to go unnoticed

9                    Confrontational or argumentive

10                Asking for money or other assistance { direct to Pastor or President of Church Council with escort}

11                Asking about church member or pastor

12                Talking or muttering or fidgeting

13                Indicating self-hate or disgust with one’s self

14                Intoxicated, drugged, flustered or confused

15                Responding with anger to greetings or questions

16                Staring and moving towards someone

17                Standing still when others are moving

18                Seeming to stall for time

19                Standing alone or facing congregation when others are seated

20                Doing something that does not fit within the service

21                Walking in and out of service

22                Going into areas other than the sanctuary

23                Spending excessive amount of time in bathroom

24                Attempting to get a usher or someone else to leave the sanctuary with them

 NOTE:   A frequent action of those who have a concealed weapon or explosive is to touch the area, or keep a hand in the pocket or bag where the items are hidden.


3.0              Look for Clothing or Characteristics

1.                  Wearing of inappropriate clothing for church environment

2.                  Wearing military, hunting or camouflage clothing without reason

3.                  Wearing of menacing –appearing clothing: hoodies, pull down hats, all dark, long coats

4.                  Being noticeably dirty and unkept or having offensive odor

5.                  Carrying or wearing backpack especially if it looks full

6.                  Wearing coat or other concealment not in season

7.                  Looking much less heavy than the bulkiness of clothing would indicate

8.                  Wearing t shirts with offensive logos





You will not have time to observe or assess much of anything if someone runs into the church narthex, sanctuary or other area with a weapon and begins to fire at people. That frightening scenario would require immediate action in a panic situation.  There are other times when you can prevent a conflict or violent situation, or reduce the harm, by responding in an effective way.


What is a Security Concern?

A person who does or says something that makes you concerned about his or her intent for being at church.



















Appendix B


Old St. Paul’s ELCA Use of Force Policy


1.0              Deciding whether to utilize force when authorized in the conduct of official responsibilities is among the most critical decisions made by a Security Team Member. It is a decision that can be irrevocable. It is a decision that must be made quickly and under difficult, often unpredictable and unique circumstances.

Sound judgment and appropriate exercise of discretion will always be the foundation of Security Team Members decision making in the broad range of possible use of force situations.  It is not possible to replace judgment and discretion with detailed policy provisions. Nonetheless, this policy is intended to provide the best guidance and direction possible to Security Team Members when called upon to confront and address the most difficult situations. Team members who follow this policy and the law will be supported by Old St. Paul’s ELCA in any subsequent review of their conduct regarding the use of   force. 


The amount of force used must be the minimum amount of force needed to STOP the threat of danger to any person in or on church property or facility.



2.0            Use of Force- Physical Contact


·         The Security Team should defuse any situation whenever possible to eliminate or reduce the needs to use physical force to subdue any unruly person.


·         Force will only be used to prevent injury to a Security Team Member, Church Member or Visitor. This force is limited to the minimum amount of force needed to stop the threat of physical danger to any person in or on church property or facility.


·         The Security Team Members should never initiate physical contact with an unruly person. Team Members should always approach the unruly person with a soft hands approach. If the unruly person imitates physical contact with another person or the Security Team Member, then the Team Member should take appropriate action to prevent further harm to any church member or themselves.



·         This action is limited to subduing the person until they no longer pose a threat to any church member or visitor. Once the threat has been eliminated the person must not be restrained if they attempt to leave the facility. The police should be called and an official report generated with all details.


·         The Security Team Member should not take physical action against an unruly person for damaging church property. The police will be called.


3.0              Use of Force- Impact or Chemical Defensive Weapons


·         The use of Impact Defensive Weapons is not authorized for deployment by Security Team Members on church property or in a church facility.

Note:  Impact Weapons are defined as: Baton, flap jack, night stick, brass knuckles, stun gun or any other hand- held weapon that induces trauma injury and not classified as a deadly weapon.


·          The carrying of any unapproved defensive weapon is grounds for dismissal from the Safety & Security Team.



·         Only Chemical Defensive Weapons such as Pepper Spray are authorized by the SST Committee to be employed to prevent physical harm to a church member, visitor or Security Team Member. This force is limited to the minimum amount needed to stop the threat of physical danger. Medical Team members shall provide first aid to the unruly person once the threat is reduced.



·         Team Members should not take physical action against an unruly person for damaging church property, but call police instead.


Note:  Once you have sprayed a person, you are legally responsible for their welfare and this must not be taken lightly. Medical Team personnel will accompany all restrained persons while on Church property.



4.0            Use of Force- Deadly Force/ Firearms


·         The Security Team Members shall not carry firearms unless the Team Member is a license Conceal Carry Permit Holder. A copy of each team members Concealed Carry Permit shall be on file in the team members training record.


·         Security Team Members who are armed must follow this “Use of Force Policy” issued by Old St. Paul’s ELCA Safety & Security Ministry.


1.      Firearms must be carried in a concealed manor to prohibit display or printing of the firearm.

2.      The firearm must not be drawn unless there is a significant perceived danger to life (firearm threat or active shooter).

3.      Firearms will only be deployed to stop the loss of life or physical harm to a team member, church member or visitor. However, the team member shall not resort to the use of force if they reasonably believe that an alternative to the use of force can be deployed to defuse the situation.

4.      In the event that Deadly Force must be used, the Team Member must be aware of the area behind the suspect and assure his deployment of a firearm will not endanger another person. Team Members should know their zones of fire and danger to others within the zone.

5.      The deadly force will only be used to prevent severe injury to a Security Team Member, Church member or Visitor. This force is limited to the minimum amount needed to stop the threat of danger to any person in or on church property or facility.

6.      The Security Team shall immediately notify Police when deadly force is used and preserve the location.

7.      Pocket Knives and other edged weapons are considered deadly force weapons under this procedure when deployed to induce physical harm to a team member, church member, or visitor. 


5.0            Use of Restraints

·         Security Team Members will not use any type of restraint on any person involved in an altercation in the church unless it is determined that the use of the restraint is required to prevent serious injury to themselves, a security team member, a church member, or a visitor.

Note: Once a person is placed in restraints, it is deemed that a citizen’s arrest has taken place.  Once you have restrained a person, you are legally responsible for their welfare and this must not be taken lightly. Medical Team personnel will accompany all restrained persons while on church property.

·         Security Team Members will always call the police when restraints are used. The term restraints as describe in this procedure includes: handcuffs, zip ties, rope or cordage and other similar devices used to restrain a person’s movement.


6.0            Use of Force Model

Use of Force Model provides professional guidelines used by law enforcement on how and when to escalate the use of force based upon the subject’s level of response. This guide is approved for use by Safety & Security Team Members at Old St. Paul’s ELCA.


Old St. Pauls ELCA
Safety & Security Ministry
“Congregation Responsibilities

  • Congregational Safety and Security is everyone’s responsibility. If you See Something…..SAY SOMETHING.
  • Follow Safety & Security Team (SST) directions when emergency situations occur.
    • Listen for whistle blast or alarm followed by Instructions from SST.
    • Evacuate as directed by the SST using a SST designated route and assemble in safe area.
      • Safe area for building fire is picnic shelter.
      • Safe area for tornado and violent weather is lower hallway under fellowship hall.
      • Safe Area for other events will be announced by SST verbal instructions
    • Hide in place when called upon by SST. Get low, Do not panic (i.e. scream, jump up or run to exit), stay quiet and protect your children. Lock all doors and turn out lights.
    • Fight with anything available if situation is dire. Last Resort!!
  • Lock your vehicle in the parking lot. Park in well-lighted area close to entrance at night.
  • Ladies should travel with escort or in pairs. If you are alone, call Newton Police 828-465-7430 for escort.
  • Children should not be left un-attended in the play area, outdoors or in un-occupied sections of the facility.
  • Lock Doors if you are alone or in small groups anywhere on site. If you exit, ensure door locks behind you or someone locks it from the inside.
    • Only 3 doors are unlocked during Worship:  The Narthex, Fellowship Hall Upper, and Fellowship Hall next to Sanctuary. These doors are under direct surveillance of the SST. If you must exit the facility, please use one of these doors.
    • Please refrain from using the Fellowship Hall Lower Door under steps.
    • Family Life Center Hall Door should be locked when that facility is in use. This isolates the Family Life Center from other areas of the church that are not being used.
    • Sunday School Room Doors should be closed when the room is not in use. Slows spread of fire and shields hallway from violent weather.
    • Fire Doors should remain closed and not propped open.
  • Know your SST members and be aware where they are located during worship and other events on site.
Kevin Black                 Tony Setzer                Tommy Overton
Tommy Mitchem       Ken Kiser                    Eric Sims
Chase Laffon              Jody Laffon                 Dusty Wentz
Terry Scronce             Denise Scronce          Lisa Black
Jim Sprinkle
  • Be Aware of your Surroundings whether on site or at other locations.
    • Know your emergency exits. 
    • Know where safety equipment is located (i.e. medical supplies, fire extinguisher, fire alarm).
    • Watch for disturbances and unusual behavior by individuals. Notify SST if on site.
    • Question unattended bags, backpacks, boxes and other items. Notify SST if on site.
  • Backpacks and large bags are not allowed in the Sanctuary during worship service or other events unless they are carried by parents with small children. They are allowed for blessing of the backpacks service.
  • Ask Questions or Make Suggestions about anything pertaining to the Safety and Security at Old St. Paul’s ELCA. Safety and Security is an ever evolving ministry that we encourage all members to be involved in. If you would like to join the SST, contact Kevin Black or Tony Setzer.
  • 2018 Changes to Old St. Paul’s Safety & Security Ministry
  • New Security Camera System
  • Additional Security Lighting
  • Push Panic Bar opener’s on all wood doors
  • Additional First Aid supplies located in all buildings
  • Additional Security Signage
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